If you were running a race would you tie one leg to the other? Would you take a nap when the starters pistol when off? That is what many people are doing when they sign up to an online business or mlm. Knowledge doesn’t apply itself you have to apply it. The instruction don’t magically read themselves you must follow them. If you expect something for nothing your selling. If you go in a store and walk out with an item you will be arrested yet we steal from ourself when we don’t do what we know to do, the only difference is no one will arrest you. Then when someone asks us about a program we joined we tell them that the program didn’t work, we’re lying we didn’t work the program and it gave us what we put into it nothing. We don’t like to tell the truth but our wallet is the victim in the end. I was in the US Navy and was on a guided missle destroyer I got seasick every time we when to sea the first time it was 2 day the last time 20 minutes. Getting seasick was part of the experience of going to sea I never like it but I dealt with it better each time. We buy a program and we get seasick you are faced with a learning curve, you know nothing about marketing the product or service this is a truth, but you do know why you got excited about that program. Share your excitement not you product no one need to learn how to be excited they will join you because your having a party. Your head and your heart are out of sync your heart is full and you head can’t explain why so don’t try. You and your program are on a honeymoon so enjoy yourself. As you learn the product share the benefit that will inspire those honeymoon feelings. When your head knowledge and heart experience run hand in hand your making progress, give yourself time for that to happen.

“A bride must become a wife but keep her wedding gown”

So keep you enthusiasm! This is health. Be balanced zeal without wisdom is foolishness
If you listen to people’s objections and you are move to discouragement that person is excersizing a greater belief in what he or she is saying than you are. This has nothing to do with the program or service or even you, so don’t take others opinions as a judgement on you or you activity. What do you do agree with that person not with what there saying but there right to say it. Hear them and put that in the ” that’s you opinion file” if need be say that’s you opinion, and I hear you. The function of an opinion is not to get agreement but a listening audience. If you provide the audience the opinion ceases to be an issue. So stay in the “friend” zone a proactive stance. Being positive is the most dominate thing that you can do in a conversation. This is your greatest tool in your tool box and you biggest resource.
Negative creates more negative but positive stops negative and creates more positive. Negative and positive are the same thing “word” in different cycles it’s like the negative words need guidance from the positive ones. Power is evident in you speech so be positive and you will create wealth
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