Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information that you need to absorb to navigate you online business. I was and at time still am, but one thing that has made the difference is “slowing down”, Yes, I said it “slowing down” and realizing that slow is the new fast. I watched this SWAT/Navy seal type show and they were training them to enter a room with an automatic weapon and the instructor told them to slow down and move your eyes not your body. Not that I’m on a swat team but my approach to online marketing was like the police arriving to a crime sene. When you slow down you realize what is making sense to you and you start building on that understanding which gives you the key to executing. I pick one task accomplish that no matter how long it takes than I move go the next one. The next day I start with the same task and mimic what I did the day before the move to another task. Repeating the same thing over and over as I question myself is key, but I choose day to work on new things and day to review. If I can explain what i did to someone else clearly I’m learning. If I can’t I’m just going through the motions if I keep doing this I get lost in a maze of information. So “Slow is Fast” fast means you make more mistakes but slow is the key.
this is a blueprint that will give all the free strategies.

Online.com is a crash course online marketing.

Do what you must to get what you want consciously everyday work on living with the discomfort of learning a new task and doing it religiously. There is profit in all work.

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