I must be honest my cousin Danilo Ignacius owns Channel Live TV but it is a fabulous service. They stream content on line and they are older than YouTube. That being said they give you the ability to watch tv on your phone if you have a Droid x, Galaxy, and Android. It requires a 2.2 Froya with 3G or 4G. Http://thedriodTV.com is the link. This is a huge innovation, watching you favorite tv show on your phone. No service is that flexible because the network are trying to keep new media from shutting down old media but this is inevitable, technology is not stop for anyone bottom line. Whole show are being watched without a 10 minute limited. Is Facebook or YouTube able to do that no. Google as a search engine is versatile but limited in the video category. Channel Live TV is a sleeping giant now that you can watch tv via phone it’s waking up. If you want to work shop a series it provides you a willing audience. Channel Live TV is a snapshot of a genius in his workshop because all the produces are bringing there expertise and audience to one place. You select know programing or up and coming programing the playing field is level and even, no gimmick just good content. See for yourself, you be the judge.
http://www.SuccesToday.com introducing new media. The “s” is not missing UR. If you want to learn about other was to market on Facebook try this link http://deron0112.famousin60days.com

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