We look at the giants like Facebook and YouTube and feel intimidated, why? Because they are huge and control the web. No, wrong hands down people made the web and people will continue to make the web work. Without friends what would your Facebook account be? Craigslist work because it serves a purpose. Google work because your look for content. Yahoo worked because you need an email. Myspace works because you needed to socialized. All these companies have one objective that is to stay relevant to do that they must control there message. What do I mean? If some one on the job is spreading rumors about you you either address it or find another job. Your duty on the web is to do the same control your message.
1. Your first message should be “Here I am”. That means Content, Content, Content. You are represented by you content put as many reps out there as you can blog, tweet, rate others blogs and tweet. Give props to other blogger and tweeter because birds of a feather flock together. Would EBay work if there were no bidders? Did Hotmail control it’s message? Or is Gmail the new Hotmail. If this was real estate the buy word would be location; content is the new location.
2. Links are like “family gatherings” or “holiday barbaques” people learn about your content by what links on your pages. They call it backlinks it’s like a business card you leave or you picked up from a relative at the family get together collect enough of these and you will have a Rolodex of powerful frees who bring traffic to your site
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