Your thought process is unending and continuous so you are always thinking. The question is are you meditating? A deliberate intentional engagement of your thoughts. If your not, who is driving the “car” we call your life. Who is overseeing the creative vehicle of your experiences. You must above all things be the thinker of your own thoughts. Even if they are wrong and twisted because if you are sincere you will sincerely correct yourself. Those people who have the most problems have a habit of letting others think for them. Choose the life that you want and live that life now, in your mind. Does a dog keep repeating to himself that he is a dog and doubt his dogness when he looks in the mirror. No, that’s absurd but we do this all the time. Choose what you want deliberately take time to sit down in a quite place and just listen to yourself breathe, when thought come to you go back to listening to your breath. The rise and fall of you chest will center you, reset your system so to speak. This state of peace will show you what is missing excesize choice and step into you greatness. Do this as many time as you have to to remain centered, at peace. The same thing with your online business do the little details that create the bug results
Remember success is an act of you will and is maintained by a quality of your thought.
The “s” is not missing UR


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