I recently when to an audition for NBC the voice in New York. We waited outside for 5 hours and inside for 2, then we performed for about 3 minutes. I must say that even thought I wasn’t picked that the whole process was addictive. People were singing outside in the cold so much that they sent cameras out to film them. I myself have two speeds off and on so I had last minute preparation, I just enjoyed the enthusiasm of the crowd. There were alot of thing to complain about that happen at the audition but, if it was easy everybody would be doing it. The judges wanted to eliminate the worst people and, the best people. It’s obvious why the worst won’t make it but the best won’t make it either because of two major reasons, 1. It’s not good tv when one person stands head and shoulders above the crowd, you sit there and say why haven’t the choose so-and-so already. 2. The real talented people don’t need reality tv they need to just believe in themselves and get to work. If you can’t service a reality show audition you don’t have the fortitude to make it in the entertainment business. So to all the fantastic talent that I saw that they didn’t pick, Do you! believe in yourself more till it carries you to stardom. There is no short cut to build character and character is the best business plan. I applaud your efforts and tenacity. If you want to stay in touch follow me on twitter @Deron0112 if you need music, lyrics, production or just another artist to talk to I’m here. I love all artist, peace

As you apply yourself to any task, the task itself begins
to speak to you. Meaning the thing that makes you a successful is
revealed. You articulate it as best you can but words aren’t
enough. The secret ingredient, the winning formula the magic is not
visible but you feel it, you know it. That is why everyone can be
an expert in the same field but bring a different flavor or
expertise. It’s not what you see on the surface. The intangibles
make life worth living. How come Stevie Wonder is always talking about seeing and you don’t realize that this man is blind. How come Michael Jackson got famous singing “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” and he never celebrated Christmas. How come the Corporations are making record profits and there is a so-called recession. The best security in time of feast or famine is to know yourself and be that self in the face of whatever. Faith, hope, intention are just words until you put them into practice. Don’t wait for a crisis to master life. Start now, life is what you make it, so don’t let someone else make it for you. If you do don’t be surprised if it doesn’t fit. We have grace to bear with our mistakes but it’s hard to bear with someone else’s mistakes imposed on you.

Its all in your REach!

January 7, 2011

Your desire is the downpayment on what you want. Your faith is the payment plan, and hope puts the intention in faith that gets the job done. But it is in the wee hours of the morning when you struggle that all this begins to make sense. What good is wisdom if you’ve never tested it to see if it works. The struggle lets you know that you really are unstoppable, just like your mother told you, or you told yourself in the middle of your struggles. Everything we need is right in our grasp, but its the reaching that gets the job done, when you stop reaching you stop progressing. The pain in the reaching is the weakness leaving your body to make room for the victory. If you don’t struggle you don’t really know if you deserve what your striving for. Easy come easy go is true, because the struggle is the comfirmation that it is yours. The key is to create your own struggles and don’t wait for them to come to you. Study harder, run faster, meditate longer, so when opposition come, it proves to you that you have what it takes. Enjoy the win and the loss becasue the los makes the next win sweet, so it really not a loss at all it’s a pre-win party.

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